Custom Name Logs

Name Log Pricing

Our most  popular sizes for name logs are our 5 and 6ft logs. Size needed depends  on the length of the name put on - you will need to contact us for the  log size needed for the last name.The two design options most requested -  our traditional Cedar Name logs and the 'rustic' version.

Traditional Cedar Name log:

5ft - $245 plus tax.
6ft - $345 plus tax.

'Rustic'  Name Log (we put the two tone appearance in by hand - coloring of the  outer portion of the log varies from piece to piece and depends on how  the wood reacts to the oil based finish):

5ft - $315 plus tax.
6ft - $415 plus tax.

Log  shapes and sizes vary from order to order - measurements may not be  exactly 5ft, 6ft, etc. as we adjust the length of the log to fit the  name. For example, Logs over 4 1/2 ft up to 5ft and a few inches over  (up to a certain diameter) would be considered 5 ft name logs, Logs over  5 1/2 ft to a few inches over 6ft are considered 6ft name logs.  Depending on the diameter of the log and name that goes on it, we may  have to cut down a 6ft name log buy a few inches in order to ensure the  visual appearance of the completed log balances out.