Our Jouney

Meet the Artists: Gered and Sonya Vinyard

When we moved back to Missouri five years ago after Gered spent nearly a decade in the Army - neither of us would have guessed what a huge role carving would play in our lives.

Sometimes, the most unexpected adventures lead us on the most amazing journeys - we are lucky enough to be able to experience this journey together and with our children.


How it all started

After three, 15 month long deployments to the Middle East, we wanted our boys to be able to experience a less 'active'  lifestyle - while, for the first time, allowing our family to be able to  settle in without planning for our next move or gearing up for another 12-15 month deployment before the boxes were all  unpacked. So, we made the difficult decision to begin a new Chapter in our life - which meant after a decade of service, Gered decided to get out of the Army and we moved back to Missouri to be closer to family. It was such a terrifying decision at the time but looking back now, we are both so grateful that we made that choice.

We spent the last few years of Gered's enlistment stationed at Ft. Bliss, in El Paso, Tx. One weekend we went on a little adventure to Ruidoso, NM, (we both were in need of a break from the desert life). While taking a stroll through town, we ended up at one of the most unique shops. The gentleman was out carving chainsaw bears - I, of course, fell in love and Gereds creative interest was sparked. Gered has always had a gift of  creating the most interesting of items out of the simplest of things and the lack of trees in the desert nor lack of chainsaw would deter him  -  as soon as we got home he went to work!  

Here we are, stationed in the desert, surrounded by sand, with no trees, and absolutely no reason to own a chainsaw but he did what he does best and improvised!  We had just built on a new addition to our deck, so with the scrap 4 x  4's and a Dremel, he went to work on creating a miniature replica of the  chainsaw carving bears we had just seen (pictured above).

Fast forward a few years to after we moved back to Missouri - Gered got his hands on his first chainsaw and hasn't been able to put it down since. What started as a hobby, making gifts for  friends and family, has turned into something wonderful!

As time  progressed, Gered would convince me that we would both benefit by my learning to carve. While chainsaw carving didnt come as naturally to me in the  beginning as it did him, over time and with his help, I would find my own groove. Thanks to him, his natural talents, and his own belief in me, we now share the same passions in creating.

Today, we are both carving full time while working to create beautiful and unique sculptures. Being able to share this journey together, we are able to pull from one anothers strength and weaknesses and build not only a stronger relationship and commitment to another but to our family and our business.  

When Gered got out of the military and we moved back  to Missouri, we would have never imagined we would have started a successful business in which we would be able to support our family by creating unique works of art. Yet, today, I don't think either one of us could imagine doing anything different. We love the uniqueness of each custom order and the  fact that each and every piece has a special story behind it - it makes what we do that much more meaningful. 

While we love carving, one of the  most rewarding aspects in all of this has been when we are able to hand off  the completed sculpture to the customer - its often a roller coaster of  emotions and joy as they lay eyes upon it for the first time.

We wouldn't be where we are today without the love and support of our boys, family, friends, and clients. Thank you for believing in us and being there throughout our journey

The Meaning Behind Our Name